Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies

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What We Do

SBCAG serves as the Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies (SAFE) for Santa Barbara County and is responsible for the installation, operation, and administration of approximately 50 highway call boxes.

In response to motorist needing emergency assistance, the California legislature established SAFE to place highly visible roadside call boxes along the California Freeway and Expressway System so that stranded motorists can access help when it is needed the most. Call boxes have instant access to a 24-7 call center to assist with a variety of roadside emergencies. The call center can help with calling a tow truck, the California Highway Patrol, or a family member or friend. 

In Santa Barbara County, the call box system is financed entirely by a $1 per year fee on all motor vehicles registered within the county. The money received by Santa Barbara County SAFE must be used to implement, maintain, and operate the motorist aid system of call boxes. Any money received that exceeds costs may be used for additional motorist aid services or support such as providing the local match for the Freeway Service Patrol Program and the Transportation Demand Management programs in the county.

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