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260 N San Antonio Rd
Suite B
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

(805) 961-8900

M – Th: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
F: 8:00 a.m. – noon

How-To Find Our Offices

Northbound 101 (from Santa Barbara)
  1. Take the El Sueno off-ramp
  2. Turn left onto Calle Real
  3. Turn right onto Camino del Remedio
  4. Turn left into parking lot A, the first parking lot on your left
  5. Take the stairs located directly across from the parking lot entrance to the upper level
  6. Follow the walkway to the building’s main entrance – SBCAG / APCD
SOUTHBOUND 101 (toward Santa Barbara)
  1. Take the Turnpike exit
  2. Turn left at the top of the ramp
  3. Turn right onto Calle Real (signal light)
  4. Turn left onto Camino del Remedio (street past San Antonio Road)
  5. Follow directions 4 through 6 above
  1. Park anywhere not designated NO PARKING.
  2. Accessible and limited parking (drop off/pickup) is available via a driveway located near the front entrance to the SBCAG building.

Staff Directory

Marjie Kirn

Executive Director
O: (805) 961-8908
EMAIL: mkirn@sbcag.org

Marjie joined SBCAG in 2017 and is responsible for spearheading and overseeing SBCAG’s overall operations. This includes providing administrative leadership and direction, guiding strategic planning initiatives, communicating effectively with staff and external stakeholders, as well as representing SBCAG in public forums. She is also tasked with developing operational plans to drive organizational success, setting goals, leading efforts to secure funding for activities and project implementation, staying informed about trends in regional government and transportation related topics including state and federal funding resources; collaborating with other regional agencies; cultivating strong relationships with local elected officials; keeping up to date on relevant legal issues; and creating a work environment that promotes high morale.

Michael Becker

Director of Planning
Division Management
O: (805) 961-8912
EMAIL: mbecker@sbcag.org

Mike joined SBCAG in 2014 and is responsible for providing leadership, guidance, and direction to the organization’s planning team in order to facilitate long-term planning activities that meet State and federal laws and regulations. He oversees a range of topics related to planning activities making sure they are developed, funded, and performed to meet unique needs throughout region. His expertise is in transportation planning and its relationship with land use. He utilizes his knowledge to stay informed of trends in land use management, transportation, population growth, housing policy and state/federal regulations. Additionally, he represents SBCAG at public forms and cultivates strong relationships with local government partners as well as other regional agencies.

Lauren Bianchi Klemann

Government Affairs/Public Information Manager
Division Management
O: (805) 961-8905
EMAIL: lbianchiklemann@sbcag.org

Lauren joined SBCAG in 2019 and is responsible for managing a wide range of public affairs, communication and intergovernmental activities. She is the point-person for bridging internal and external communications, including media relations, government affairs and public information outreach efforts. Lauren serves as a liaison between governments at all levels to build partnerships as well as develop new initiatives that support the priorities of SBCAG. She oversees the implementation of specific legislative initiatives and advocates for the agency’s policy objectives at the local, state and federal levels. Additionally, she is responsible for coordinating messaging across all channels to ensure accurate and consistent information is delivered to stakeholders. She helps design strategies to increase public awareness of SBCAG’s programs or services while simultaneously maintaining positive relationships. She is also serves as the Title VI Coordinator.

Aaron Bonfilio

Director of Multimodal Programs
Division Management
O: (805) 961-8920
EMAIL: abonfilio@sbcag.org

Aaron joined SBCAG in 2022 and is responsible for overseeing operations and planning of rail and transit programs. Aaron leads a team to develop and implement passenger rail services for Santa Barbara County (such as between Ventura and Santa Barbara counties); provides representation on statewide rail agencies and committees; conducts state and federal compliance activities, and plans for the Clean Air Express regional bus service as well as South Coast interregional bus services, including the Ventura County Transportation Commission Coastal Express. Additionally he oversees regional coordination and planning between the various transit operators countywide. He is responsible for the development of SBCAG South Coast Regional Transit Facility in Goleta which provides centralized, zero-emission, vehicle charging and operations for regional commuter bus services and vehicle charging for ADA paratransit services. Aaron is the designated agency lead during County Emergency Operations Center activation as the public transportation operations coordinator and liaison to local, regional and municipal transit operators in Santa Barbara County.

Martha Gibbs

CFO/Human Resources Director
Division Management
O: (805) 961-8916
EMAIL: mgibbs@sbcag.org

Martha joined SBCAG in 2005 and is responsible for overseeing SBCAG’s financial operations as well as a range of personnel management activities and serves as the designated Safety Coordinator for the agency. She leads a team dedicated to recruiting talent and onboarding new employees to developing employee policies & procedures and handling compensation & benefits. She reviews and approves AP, AR, and payroll transactions. Additionally, she manages IT support and equipment. As Chief Financial Officer she manages SBCAG’s overall work program and budget development and prepares the annual financial report and single audit. She conducts expenditure and revenue tracking and reporting, manages contracts and agreements, facilities as well as maintaining SBCAG insurance policies.

Sarkes Khachek

Director of Programming
Division Management
O: (805) 961-8913
EMAIL: skhachek@sbcag.org

Sarkes joined SBCAG in 2005 and is responsible for providing leadership, guidance, and direction to the Programming Division as they work to deliver on regional priorities identified by the SBCAG Board. Sarkes leads a team who identifies, seeks, and secures critical state and federal funding for priority projects. He also oversees Measure A and Senate Bill 1 (SB 1) funding program administration and monitors California Transportation Commission policies and programs. Additionally, he is tasked with assisting local cities, county, and transit operators in completing state and federal projects. He is the designated liaison to the California Transportation Commission, Regional Transportation Planning Agencies Group, and Self Help Counties Coalition. He also serves as the Chief of Staff for the Central Coast Coalition.

Fred Luna

Director of Project Delivery & Construction
Division Management
O: (805) 961-8926
EMAIL: fluna@sbcag.org

Fred joined SBCAG in 2005 and is responsible for delivering regionally significant highway capital projects through the Measure A Program as well as those funded by other sources. He coordinates with Caltrans and local agency partners on project development, as well as manages consultant work through contractual agreements. His expertise covers all phases of a project life cycle, from design through construction to completion. As part of his work, he reviews technical reports, plans and other documents, executes and monitors cooperative agreements and memorandums of  understanding. A keen eye for detail, he navigates potential issues that could pose risks for projects and regularly communicates project information to elected officials, public and other interested parties in order to achieve or announce key milestones for a project.

Jared Carvalho

Transportation Planner II
O: (805) 961-8906
EMAIL: jcarvalho@sbcag.org

Jared joined SBCAG in 2018 and is responsible for a variety of SBCAG planning areas, including Transit Planning / Unmet Transit Needs, Active Transportation Planning, and Performance Measure Monitoring. Additionally, he serves as the agency’s Geographic Information System Coordinator among a variety of other responsibilities.

Terry Contreras

Clerk of the Board
O: (805) 961-8911
EMAIL: tcontreras@sbcag.org

Terry joined SBCAG in 2007 and chief responsibility is that of the Clerk of the Board facilitating an average of seven meetings a month. She manages a new cloud based agenda management portal through iCompass. Additionally, she provides assistance to the Executive Director with coordination of Board Agenda items, committee mailings and prepares board minutes. She assists with updates to the SBCAG website, coordinates travel and manages special events. Terry coordinates Statements of Economic Interests – Form 700, and provides overall administration and finance support for the agency.

Haley DePass

Accounting Technician II
O: (805) 961-8924
EMAIL: hdepass@sbcag.org

Haley joined SBCAG in 2020 and is responsible for ensuring SBCAG purchasing policies are followed. She coordinates the bid process, verifies quotes, proposals, and evaluations follow our policies. She provides support to staff with the creation of new contracts, agreements and maintains contract records to ensure terms are followed. Haley reviews invoices and monitors progress to confirm contract limits are not exceeded. Haley is responsible for the Local Transportation Fund and Measure A monthly disbursements to jurisdictions. She assists in the management of the Measure A cash flow, special revenue fund reconciliation and interest calculations for state and federal reporting.

Rebecca Irwin

Administrative Assistant II
O: (805) 961-8909
EMAIL: rirwin@sbcag.org

Maya Kulkarni

Transportation Planner I
O: (805) 961-8915
EMAIL: mkulkarni@sbcag.org

Maya joined SBCAG in 2022 and is responsible for a variety of SBCAG Programming activities. This includes state and federal transit program administration, Measure A administration and assisting North County municipalities and Transit partners with state and federal project delivery.

Jaquelin Mata

Transportation Planner II
O: (805) 961-8904
EMAIL: jmata@sbcag.org

Jacquelin joined SBCAG in 2018 is responsible for a variety of SBCAG Programming activities. These include administration of the Federal Transportation Improvement Program​ (FTIP), Measure A administration and assisting South Coast municipalities with state and federal project delivery.

Erik Noriega

Transportation Program Coordinator
O: (805) 961-8919
EMAIL: enoriega@sbcag.org

Andrew Orfila

Principal Transportation Planner
O: (805) 961-8907
EMAIL: aorfila@sbcag.org

Andrew joined SBCAG in 2005 and is responsible for the more complex responsibilities required of SBCAG planning, including Travel Demand and Land Use Modeling, Airport Land Use Planning, and management of each Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy update, among other responsibilities.

Whitney Rush

Transportation Planner
O: (805) 961-8910
EMAIL: wrush@sbcag.org

Whitney joined SBCAG in 2018 and is responsible for a variety of the Rail and Transit divisions activities, including Clean Air Express planning, day to day oversight of its contracted service providers and customer engagement; implementation of intelligent transportation systems and technologies (such as contactless “Tap to Ride” fare program); grant compliance and reporting to local, state and federal agencies; regional rail service planning and coordination of local passenger engagement activities; Agency and partner coordination and works closely with Traffic Solutions for marketing and promotion of rail and transit programs.

Dave Troutner

Finance Manager/HR Generalist I
O: (805) 961-8903
EMAIL: dtroutner@sbcag.org

Dave joined SBCAG in 2018 and is responsible for grant invoicing, reporting and tracking. He manages the annual Local Transportation Fund and State Transit Assistance Fund claims process. Dave prepares the annual indirect cost plan and assists in the development of the budget and preparation of the single audit. He provides human resource support by overseeing SBCAG’s annual open enrollment effort, leading recruitment efforts, coordination of mandatory staff training, provides payroll support and steers a committee to foster employee engagement. Dave ensures SBCAG shared vehicles are maintained properly and provides facility coordination for Casa Nueva on the County of Santa Barbara Calle Real Campus. He serves as the Disadvantage Business Enterprise liaison and ensures the necessary reporting is completed.

Peter Williamson

Trnasportation Marketing Coordinator
O: (805) 961-8918
EMAIL: pwilliamson@sbcag.org

Peter joined SBCAG in 2022 and is responsible for a variety of programs and services. He provides consulting services to employers about their employee benefit programs, maintains the SmartRide website with its ridematching, trip planner, and commute calendar features. Additionally, he coordinates the CycleMAYnia mini-grant program and publishes a monthly newsletter. Peter also composes video blogs to market regional and local transit services, vanpool programs, and the EZ Bike Project. Furthermore, he plays an important role in coordinating community outreach activities on behalf of the division throughout the county.

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