Project Delivery

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What We Do

SBCAG plays a crucial role in coordinating major transportation projects that contribute to the economic vitality and sustainability of the region. Working closely with Caltrans and local municipalities, SBCAG serves as the lead agency on a variety of regionally significant transportation initiatives, including infrastructure improvements, transit expansion, and bicycle and pedestrian enhancements.



Department Staff

Director of Project Delivery & Construction

Fred joined SBCAG in 2005 and is responsible for delivering regionally significant highway capital projects through the Measure A Program as well as those funded by other sources. He coordinates with Caltrans and local agency partners on project development, as well as manages consultant work through contractual agreements. His expertise covers all phases of a project life cycle, from design through construction to completion. As part of his work, he reviews technical reports, plans and other documents, executes and monitors cooperative agreements and memorandums of  understanding. A keen eye for detail, he navigates potential issues that could pose risks for projects and regularly communicates project information to elected officials, public and other interested parties in order to achieve or announce key milestones for a project.

Administrative Assistant II

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