Measure A Citizens Oversight Committee

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Measure A Citizens Oversight Committee members sitting around a table in conference room.

What We Do

The Measure A Citizens Oversight Committee makes sure that the projects and programs promised to voters through the Measure A Investment Plan and Ordinance actually happen.

Established in 2009, the committee formed for public accountability and transparency, and to assist SBCAG in ensuring that the provisions, requirements, and voter mandates of Measure A are properly carried out. Committee members annually review an audit and collectively submit a compliance letter to the SBCAG Board of Directors as the designated Santa Barbara County Local Transportation Authority.

The committee is comprised of eleven appointed members: four representing the North County, four representing the South Coast, and three at-large members. Service on the committee is voluntary and the appointees have proven to be invaluable partners within their advisory role and as community ambassadors.

Committee Members

At Large Members

NameFour Year Term
Abraham CarmonaSeptember 2023 to 2027
Carson LinkSeptember 2021 to 2025
Geoffrey SlaffSeptember 2021 to 2025

North County Members

NameFour Year Term
J. Lansing Duncan
(Vice Chair)
September 2023 to 2027
Mark FunkhouserSeptember 2021 to 2025
Tomas LópezSeptember 2023 to 2027
Eric MelsheimerSeptember 2021 to 2025

South Coast Members

NameFour Year Term
Mark BradleySeptember 2021 to 2025
Lisa OsbornSeptember 2023 to 2027
Pat Saley
September 2023 to 2027
Dennis StorySeptember 2021 to 2025

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Measure A Citizens Oversight Committee

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