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As an independent public agency established in 1966, SBCAG is committed to enhancing the mobility and sustainability of the Santa Barbara County region. With seven distinct divisions, the organization provides a range of leadership, planning, and project management services to address regional and local needs. Whether it’s improving transportation infrastructure, advising on funding opportunities, or promoting public transit and alternative transportation choices, SBCAG’s dedicated team members work to create thriving, livable communities for all.


The Administration and Finance division forms the backbone of the agency, ensuring smooth operations and efficient management of resources. The division oversees accounting, budgeting, procurement, and financial reporting. Moreover, it champions the hiring, development, and retention of employees. Integral in making the agency function seamlessly, the division is responsible for the office’s overall administrative functions, like procurement, reception services, and facility management.

Administration & Finance

The Government Affairs and Public Information division strives to inform and involve the public and local, state, federal and community partners on all agency decision-making, policies, projects, and initiatives. The division works closely with the Executive Director to ensure that decision-makers are fully aware of priorities and the impact that our programs have on the community. The division helps to develop, advise, and implement external communication strategies to ensure coherent and aligned messaging on agency priorities and goals. As the primary point of contact for media inquiries, the division works to maintain positive relationships with journalists and coordinate responses to interviews and press releases in a timely and efficient manner.

The planning division is responsible for an array of planning and study projects focused on transportation, land use, and housing. From forecasting regional growth to analyzing regional travel demand and modeling land use patterns, the division tackles projects that impact the sustainability and efficiency of travel countywide. The division also works to identify unmet transit needs and allocate regional housing needs in coordination with the California Department of Community and Housing Development. Additionally, the division supports the agency’s role as a Census Affiliate Center and use of Geographic Information Systems to support the most accurate data to inform regional plans and projects. Whether providing staff support for the Airport Land Use Commission or various planning initiatives, the planning division is committed to a better future for the region through thoughtful analysis and strategic planning.


The programming division plays a vital role in ensuring that scarce transportation funding resources are allocated effectively. The division advises on how to obtain and distribute funding to support priority projects of local cities, county, and transit providers. From navigating complex engineering and environmental regulations to identifying the most impactful and feasible funding opportunities to deliver safe and effective projects, the programming division has a keen eye for optimizing transportation infrastructure investments.


The project delivery division coordinates major transportation projects that contribute to the economic vitality and sustainability of the region. Working closely with Caltrans and local municipalities, the construction and project delivery division manages a variety of regionally significant transportation initiatives and projects, including infrastructure improvements, broadband, and bicycle and pedestrian enhancements.

Project Delivery

The Rail and Transit division is committed to improving transportation and transit programs in the region by coordinating regional and interregional transit programs. The division manages Clean Air Express transit service and advocates for passenger rail service. The division represents the agency and advises decision-makers on the Pacific Surfliner Rail Corridor Agency (LOSSAN) Board of Directors and Coast Rail Coordinating Council (CRCC). Moreover, the division manages the Zero-Emission Regional Transit Facility and represents the agency as a transportation liaison with Santa Barbara County Emergency Operations Center during disaster events. The division strives to continuously adapt to the evolving transportation landscape for the benefit of all travelers countywide.

Rail & Transit

The Traffic Solutions division promotes sustainable transportation practices countywide. The division seeks to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution by filling empty seats on buses, vanpools, carpools, bikes, and at home offices. Additionally, the division works closely with the public, businesses, government, and community organizations to improve the safe and efficient use of existing road infrastructure and transportation services.

Traffic Solutions

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