Solvang Circulation Improvements

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Solvang Circulation Improvements

Project funding

  • Project Sponsor: City of Solvang
  • Estimated Project Cost: $11.625 million
  • Measure A Funding Amount: $3 million
  • Estimated Non-Measure A Funding Amount: $8.625 million


The project will make safety and operational improvements to local streets and/or Highway 246 in Solvang including intersection improvements, pedestrian crossings, bicycle lanes, wider bridges and traffic signal synchronization.

As its circulation improvements, the City of Solvang has proposed operational improvements at the Highway 246/Alamo Pintado interchange. The project will improve traffic circulation and alleviate heavy vehicle back-ups during peak hour periods. Three alternatives have been developed and will be evaluated during the environmental phase. Two of the alternatives include a roundabout element.

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