Buellton Circulation Improvements

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Project funding

  • Project Sponsor: City of Buellton
  • Estimated Project Cost: $3.52 million
  • Measure A Funding Amount: $3 million
  • Estimated Non-Measure A Funding Amount: $0.52 million


  • Planning
  • Environmental
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completion

The project will improve local streets and highways, consistent with the City of Buellton’s circulation element, including median improvements, widening roads, installing traffic signals, improving bicycle and pedestrian safety, park and ride lots, and improving intersections.

The City of Buellton has recommended four operational and safety improvement projects as its Circulation Improvements. These projects include the McMurray Road/Highway 246 Widening and traffic signal modification, Highway 246 Median improvements, Park and Ride Lot at Jonata Park Road, and the Avenue of the Flags median and road improvements. These projects are currently in varying degrees of project development.

Additional Project Resources

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