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Survey Deadline For Accessory Dwelling Unit Owners is Now March 24

March 15, 2024

Seeking greater participation of Accessory Dwelling Unit homeowners, particularly in the Santa Maria area, to accurately assess the impact of ADUs on the housing supply in Santa Barbara County.

The deadline for the Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) survey has been extended to Sunday, March 24. This decision is to ensure a broad range of homeowner participation countywide. However, an increased level of response is needed from homeowners in the City Santa Maria to accurately assess the impact of ADUs on the housing supply in Santa Barbara County.

Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) is overseeing the survey effort, which is being conducted by Robert D. Niehaus, Inc. (RDN), a consulting firm.

The effort aims to gain insight into ADUs, ownership experiences, and implications on the local housing market. It focuses on various aspects of ADU utilization and cost, as well as the challenges associated with obtaining financing, permitting, and construction.

To ensure maximum participation, RDN sent reminder emails and mailers to ADU homeowners who have yet to complete the survey, including detailed instructions in how to participate. There are $5,000 worth of incentives offered to those who participate.

The construction and rental of ADUs have attracted the attention of policymakers and urban planners.

“To develop accessible, inclusive, and sustainable housing solutions, local cities and the county need to gather feedback from those who have direct experience with ADUs,” said Michael Becker, SBCAG director of planning. “If you own an ADU in Santa Barbara County and have not yet responded to the survey, we strongly encourage you to participate.”

The survey presents a unique opportunity for all ADU owners to voice their views and contribute to better housing policies and guidelines for the development of ADUs throughout the county.

The survey period is limited and must be completed by midnight on Sunday, March 24. All submissions are voluntary and confidential. RDN will not disclose any information to SBCAG or any other party that could be traced back to a specific respondent or property.

The survey’s success is contingent on the valuable insights and opinions shared by participants.

For more information about the survey, owners of accessory dwelling units can contact RDN by email at survey@rdniehaus.com or reach the help desk by phone at (800) 350-4888.

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