South Coast Local Street and Transportation Improvements

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South Coast Local Street and Transportation Improvements

Project funding

  • Project Sponsor: Cities of Carpinteria, Goleta and Santa Barbara and County of Santa Barbara
  • 30 Year Estimated Measure A Funding Amount: $272.7 million


  • Planning
  • Environmental
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completion

These are projects of local importance selected by city councils and the Board of Supervisors.  Projects eligible for funding include pothole repairs, traffic signal synchronization, bridge repairs and safety improvements.  A full list of eligible projects is shown below.

Revenues are allocated to cities and the County based on their proportionate share of the South Coast population after each jurisdiction has received a $100,000 annual base allocation. The table below shows the estimated net allocation that each jurisdiction would receive for local street and transportation improvements.

Estimated Measure A Funding Amounts by Jurisdiction

South Coast Jurisdiction30 Year AllocationPercent of Gross Allocation to SBMTD
Santa Barbara$104,054,00026.05%
County of Santa Barbara (unincorporated South Coast)$102,906,00011.12%

Each jurisdiction must contribute a percent of their gross allocation, specified in the table above, to the South Coast Transit Operations Program, and the funds will be directly allocated to the Santa Barbara MTD by the Authority. Each South Coast city and the County of Santa Barbara shall expend a minimum of 10% of their Net 30 Year Allocation, on eligible alternative transportation projects. This requirement must be met by the fifth year of the program, and a cumulative average of 10% must be met every fifth year thereafter. Eligible alternative transportation projects are listed below.

Local Street and Transportation Improvements Funding Eligible Uses

City councils and the board of supervisors may expend Local Street and Transportation Improvements funding on the following uses:

  1. Maintaining, improving or constructing roadways, bridges, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities
  2. Safe Routes to School improvements
  3. Safety improvements
  4. Reduced transit fares for seniors and disabled
  5. Bus and rail transit services that provide alternatives to the automobile
  6. Programs that reduce transportation demand
  7. The operation of urban forestry street tree programs
  8. Storm damage repair to transportation facilities
  9. Roadway drainage facilities
  10. 10. Traffic signal coordination, intersection channelization
  11. Traffic management
  12. Landscaping maintenance
  13. Highway improvements
  14. Matching funds for state and regional programs and projects
  15. Bus and rail transit facilities

Eligible Local Street and Transportation Improvements Funding Alternative Transportation Expenditures

Local Street and Transportation Improvement funding may be expended by city councils and the board of supervisors on the following uses to meet the prescribed alternative modes percentage:

  1. Maintenance, repair, construction and improvement of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, excluding maintenance of Class 2 bikeway facilities
  2. Safe Routes to School improvements
  3. Reduced transit fares
  4. Bus and rail transit services and facilities
  5. Education and incentives designed to reduce single occupant auto trips

The County of Santa Barbara may count expenditures on Class 2 bikeway maintenance toward its alternative transportation percentage but these expenditures may not exceed 50% of the County’s prescribed percentage.

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