North County Interregional Transit Program

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Project funding

  • Project Sponsor: SBCAG


This program will help maintain and expand bus service between North County and South Coast regions and between Santa Barbara County and adjoining counties.   Funding will be used to continue existing services after federal funding grants expire, deliver expanded peak hour commute and express bus service and provide greater frequencies on existing routes.

Any public transit operator providing interregional services shall be eligible to receive these funds and funds allocated under this program shall be allocated directly to the public transit operator providing the service.  Expenses for vehicles, capital facilities such as transportation hubs, operations and planning and promotions are eligible.

30 Year Estimated Measure A Funding Amount:
$22.5 million

Estimated Five-Year Measure A Funding Amount
FY 10/11

FY 11/12

FY 12/13

FY 13/14

FY 14/15


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