Goleta Overpass Improvement

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Goleta Overpass Improvement

Project funding

  • Project Sponsor: City of Goleta
  • Estimated Project Cost: $29.772 million
  • Measure A Funding Amount: $7 million
  • Estimated Non-Measure A Funding Amount: $22.772 million


  • Planning
  • Environmental
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Completion

The project will improve traffic circulation in Goleta by constructing a new overpass of Highway 101.  Funding will be used in combination with other revenue sources such as state and federal gas taxes or local fees to deliver the project and can be loaned to the State to deliver the project sooner than would normally be expected using state and federal gas taxes. 

The cost of this project can include such items as traffic signals, sidewalks, bike lanes, intersection channelization, curbs and gutters, shoulders, and landscaping as long as these costs are directly related to the project.

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