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2011 FTIP Grouped Project Listings

Page last updated on July 25, 2011
Grouped Project Listings Summary:
Title 23, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 450.216 (j) allows projects that are not considered to be of appropriate scale for individual identification in the FTIP to be grouped by function, work type or geographic region using appropriate classifications under 23 CFR 771.117(c) and (d) and/or 40 CFR part 93. These projects are often referred to as Grouped Projects Listings or Lump Sum Projects Listings. SBCAG is required to maintain a detail list of the projects in each group.
Click here to view the 2011 FTIP as approved by the SBCAG Board of Directors.
Click here to view amendments to the 2011 FTIP.
TIP ID Grouped Listing Name
(Listings are in PDF format)
Last Updated Approving Document
SHOPP1 Bridge Preservation 07/25/2011 Amendment #8
SHOPP2 Collision Reduction 07/25/2011 Amendment #8
SHOPP3 Roadway Preservation 07/25/2011 Amendment #8
SHOPP4 Roadside Preservation 09/16/2010 2011 FTIP
SHOPP6 Mobility 07/25/2011 Amendment #8
SHOPP8 Emergency Response 09/16/2010 2011 FTIP
CT14 Highway Bridge Program 04/08/2011 Amendment #7
CT24 Mandates 07/25/2011 Amendment #8
CT34 Highway Maintenance 03/10/2011 Amendment #5
LOCALHR3 High Risk Rural Roads Program 09/16/2010 2011 FTIP
LOCALHSIP Highway Safety Improvement Program 03/10/2011 Amendment #5
SRTS Safe Routes to School Program 09/16/2010 2011 FTIP

If you have questions about any 2011 FTIP Grouped Project Listings, please contact
Sarkes Khachek.