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DRAFT 2011 Federal Transportation Improvement Program

Draft 2011 Federal Transportation Improvement Program available for Public Review
The Santa Barbara County Association of Governments (SBCAG) is now accepting public comment on the Draft 2011 Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) (scroll below to download the document). 
The draft 2011 FTIP is being released for a required public comment period of thirty (30) days. 

Written comments should be submitted to SBCAG by 5PM on September 10th. 
A public hearing on the FTIP will be scheduled at 10AM (Time Specific) for the September 16th SBCAG Board meeting in Santa Maria, CA to provide the public with an opportunity to comment on the adequacy of the FTIP document or how federal transportation funds are being expended in Santa Barbara County.   Video remote testimony will be available at the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors Hearing Room in Santa Barbara, CA.

Following the September 16th public hearing, the SBCAG Board of Directors will consider the FTIP for approval.  The 2011 FTIP will then be submitted to the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), to be included in the Statewide Federal Transportation Improvement Program which will subsequently be submitted to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for approval in October or November.

Please submit comments to Sarkes Khachek, Transportation Planner, at skhachek@sbcag.org or by telephone at 805-961-8913.

What is the Federal Transportation Improvement Program?
Every year the Federal Government provides states, counties, cities and transit agencies with funding for transportation projects throughout the country that help improve the mobility of residents.  The funding is received by the federal government through federal gas taxes.  Types of projects include highway, local roadway, public transit, pedestrian, bicycle projects.  These federally funded projects need to be identified in a document that allows the public an opportunity to see what projects are being funded, which federal funding programs are involved, and when the projects will be delivered.  The FTIP is the document that meets this purpose. 

The Santa Barbara County Association of Governments is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Santa Barbara County and its incorporated cities and must carry out transportation planning and programming responsibilities specified in federal regulations.    Among SBCAG’s many responsibilities includes preparation and adoption of a multi-year FTIP once every four years. 

The FTIP serves as a short-term program for the use of anticipated federal transportation funds to maintain, operate and improve the region’s multi-modal circulation system.  The FTIP identifies all federally funded highway, transit and other surface transportation projects in the county (along with their funding sources) that are scheduled for implementation in the following four years, FY 10/11 to FY 13/14.  It also includes projects are subject to federally required action or are regionally significant.  The FTIP must be financially constrained by year.  This means that the amount of funding devoted to projects must not exceed the amount of estimated funding available.  Only projects listed in the FTIP are eligible to receive federal transportation funding.

Draft 2011 FTIP Document (All files are in PDF format)

Full Document for Download

Draft Document by Sections

Draft 2011 FTIP Chapters 1, 2, and 3
FTIP Project Listings by Agency Index
FTIP Project Listings by Agency
   - Caltrans
   - City of Buellton (Buellton does not have any projects included in the 2011 FTIP)
   - City of Carpinteria
   - City of Goleta
   - City of Guadalupe
   - City of Lompoc
   - Easy Lift Transportation
   - SBCAG
   - San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority (SLORTA)
   - County of Santa Barbara
   - Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District (SBMTD)
   - Santa Maria Organization of Transportation Helpers (SMOOTH)
   - City of Santa Barbara
   - City of Santa Maria
   - City of Solvang
   - Various Project Listings
Appendix 1: 2011 FTIP Financial Tables
Appendix 2: SBCAG 2011 FTIP - Public Participation Plan
Appendix 3: SBCAG Expedited Project Selection Procedures
Appendix 4: FTA 5307 Project Selection Process
Appendix 5: SHOPP Lump Sum Project Listings
   - Bridge Preservation
   - Collision Reduction
   - Roadway Preservation
   - Roadside Preservation (No projects are programmed at this time)
   - Mandates
   - Mobility
   - Emergency Response Program (No projects are programmed at this time)
Appendix 6: Lump Sum Project Listings
   - Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)
   - High Risk Rural Roads Program (HR3)
   - Highway Maintenance (HM) Program
   - Safe Routes To School (SRTS) Program
   - American Recovery & Reinvestment Act - Streets and Roads Projects
   - American Recovery & Reinvestment Act - Bridge Projects
   - American Recovery & Reinvestment Act - Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects
   - American Recovery & Reinvestment Act - Transit and Paratransit Projects
Appendix 7: Local Surface Transportation Program (LSTP) Funding
Appendix 8: Highway Bridge Program Project Listings
Appendix 9: Annual Listing of Obligated Projects FFY 2009
Appendix 10: Transportation Funding Guide

FTIP Development Schedule
Draft FTIP Released for Public Comment/SBCAG Board Review
Final FTIP for Technical Transportation Advisory Committee Review
Public Hearing and SBCAG Board Approval of FTIP
Submittal of Final Approved FTIP to Caltrans
Approval of FTIP by Caltrans and submittal to FHWA/FTA
August 19th
September 2nd
September 16th
Late September


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