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Measure D

Helpful Fact Sheets are available for two projects that are part of the Highway 101 Operational Improvement program funded by Measure D.

Measure D was passed by the voters of Santa Barbara County in November of 1989 to improve transportation infrastructure in the county. Measure D provides for a one-half cent sales tax increase over a period of twenty years and dedicates these revenues solely to fund transportation projects and programs. Under Measure D, $270 million in sales tax revenues have been collected since April 1990. Sales tax revenues will continue to be collected until the program sunset date in April 2010.

Take a look at the Measure D Overview for a more detailed description and a list of completed regional transportation projects funded by Measure D.  For even more detailed information, a Powerpoint presentation is available that was presented to the SBCAG at a February 2005 workshop (to download, right-click and select "save file").

Passage of Measure D by the voters was preceded by approval of the Measure D Expenditure Plan by SBCAG, the County of Santa Barbara and each of the cities. The Measure D Expenditure Plan defined how the sales tax revenues would be distributed. Local agencies receive 70.0% of the revenues for local street repair funding, 29.5% funds regional highway and transit projects, and the remaining 0.5% is used for specialized transit services. SBCAG, acting as the Local Transportation Authority (LTA), is responsible for administering these transportation programs. SBCAG has published a Ten Year Mid-Term Report and a 2004 Strategic Plan regarding the Measure D program.